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Partner With K°Air Energy

K°Air Energy has created a Partnership Program to establish strategic alliances with experienced partners in project management, technical support, distribution and sales in regional markets throughout the world.

3G Energy has partnered with K°Air Energy to provide project management for the installation of K°Air Power Units and power projects.
3G are recognized as exceptional project managers and outstanding innovators, having received the Sustainable Development Award from the DuPont Corporation. Since 2001, 3G has created over 150 megawatts of wind and solar projects—enough clean, green energy to power over 75,000 homes!
Working with industry leading suppliers, engineers and contractors, 3G uses its experience and know-how to develop cost effective renewable energy solutions for every environment.

Halex Energy is a regional distributor and producer of Green Energy power in the U.S., including for K°Air Power Units in California, Nevada and select projects in other markets, including the Middle East.

C.M.P. provides world class, military grade, precision engineering design, manufacture and technical support to K°Air Energy.

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